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Turpan Sugong Pagoda

sugong-pagoda The Sugong Pagoda stands in a southeast suburb, six kilometers away from Turpan City in the Xijiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

sugong-pagoda01The Sugong Pagoda is known as the Turpan Pagoda among local residents. A stone tablet at its entrance cites the reason for the pagoda's construction in Wei and Han characters. The structure was built in the year 1181 of the Hui calendar (1779) by Su Laiman II, the ruler of the Turpan Prefecture, to honor his father.

The cylindrical Sugong Pagoda is 37 meters high and 10 meters in diameter at the bottom. Built using brick blocks, the pagoda's body contains carvings of 15 kinds of patterns of traditional Uygur design. There are a total of 14 windows at various directions and levels. A flight of 72 spiraling steps leads to the dome-shaped top of the pagoda. A brick, spiral pillar in the center supports its entire body. The pagoda displays the typical features of Uygur architecture.