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The Heavenly Lake

heavenly-lake Located south of the city of Fukang, in Xinjiang, 90 kilometers away from the east of Urumqi, the Heavenly Lake stands at an elevation of 1,900 meters. It is a world-famous mountain lake.

heavenly-lake01The Heavenly Lake, a barrier lake, was formed after its river courses were blocked up by the mud-rock flow of glaciers in ancient times. It encompasses more than 4.9 square kilometers, is 90 meters deep, and is part of a remarkable legend. It is said that it was the Fairyland Pool that the Queen Mother of the West (a mythological figure, usually described as a beautiful immortal, who dwells at Jaspel Lake in the Kunlun Mountains and in whose huge palace grow the magic peach trees which bear the fruits of immortality once every three thousand years) met King Mu of the Zhou Dynasty and gave a banquet in his honour in those remote days. Another story says that it was a silver mirror of the Queen Mother of the West’s inlaid on her dressing table.

Over the centuries, many celebrities and scholars made trips to the Heavenly Lake. Overwhelmed with admiration of the unique, charming and wonderful sight, some people felt a strong urge to write poems and some could not help drawing pictures; still others celebrated in song in high spirits. Although many works written or drawn by scholars or celebrities reached the height of perfection, they could not surpass the beautiful scenery created by nature.