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Xinjiang Attraction Guide

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Regionof China is the largest Chinese administrative division and spans over 1.6 million sq. km. 

southern-pasturesAbout 70 km (about 43 miles) away from Urumqi, the Southern Pastures lie in the Southern Mountains at the northern foot of Karawuquntag Mountain. Covering an area of 119 sq km (about 29,406 acres), the Southern Pastures are hugely popular with visitors as well as being the natural summer retreat of Urumqi residents.
xinjiang-museumXinjiang Regional Museum, situated in Xibei Road, Urumqi City, is a large comprehensive museum and center for collecting and studying the cultural relics of Xinjiang.
heavenly-lakeLocated south of the city of Fukang, in Xinjiang, 90 kilometers away from the east of Urumqi, the Heavenly Lake stands at an elevation of 1,900 meters. It is a world-famous mountain lake.
tartar-mosqueThe Tartar Mosque is located at the southern end of Jiefang Lu, covering 3000 square meters. The Tartar Mosque, also known as Yanghang Mosque, was built in 1897 with private donations from the Tartar Community.
wei-jin-gallery20km northeast of Jiayuguan, in a barren section on the outer limits of the Gobi desert, lies the Xincheng prefecture, within which is contained the Xincheng Wei-Jin Art Gallery (Xincheng weijin mu).
sugong-pagodaThe Sugong Pagoda stands in a southeast suburb, six kilometers away from Turpan City in the Xijiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
karez-well01Image of Turpan Karez Well is a kind of underground water works invented and built by laboring people of various Chinese ethnic groups to transform the natural environment of the dry region.
jiaohe-ruins01The ancient city of Turpan Jiaohe was first built by the people of Jushi during the time span from the 2nd century BC to the middle of the 5th century AD.
flaming-hillThe Flaming Hill is located in the north Turphan Basin of Xinjiang Province. It is a small mountain running across the basin. The mountain is a combination of red sand and rocks that makes the mountain looks like a red dragon sleeping in the area basin.
gaochang-ruinsThe ancient city of Gaochang is located near the seat of the "Flaming Mountains" township, 46 kilometers southeast of the city of Turpan
thousand-buddha-cavesAs Buddhism was the first religion from abroad introduced to this area, Xinjiang witnessed the earliest development of Buddhist cave art in China.