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Xian Hotels Booking

xian-hotelsXian is one of the oldest cities in People's Republic of China, with over 3100 years of history. Xian city was called Chang'an prior to the Ming Dynasty. Xi'an is also one of the Four Large Ancient Capitals of China, having took the position under many of the most of import dynasties in Chinese history, including Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, as well as Tang. Xi'an is the eastern terminal of the Silk Road and home to the Terra-cotta Warriors. offers a extensive range of Xian hotels by 2 to 5 star hotel's level with discounted prices, which can be booked during your stay in Xi'an.

Best Xian Hotels Option

paradise-resort-xian-1 Star_5   Tel:86-29-87663333

Address: South Section, Yanta South Road, Xi'an

xian-garden-hotel-1 Star_4   Tel:86-29-87601111

Address: No. 40 Yan Yin Road, Da Yan Ta, Xi'an, Shaanxi

xian-dynasty-hotel-1 Star_4   Tel:86-29-88626262

Address: 55 Huan Cheng West Road, N. Xi'an

xian-city-hotel-1 Star_3   Tel:86-29-87219988

Address: No. 70 Nan Da Jie, Xi'an

canaan-international-hotel-xian-1 Star_3   Tel:86-29-87480588

Address: No. 132 East Ave., Xi'an

sheraton-xian-hotel-1 Star_5   Tel:86-29-84261888

Address: No.262 Feng Hao East Road, Xian,

shangri-la-hotel-xian-2 Star_5   Tel:86-29-88758888

Address: No.38 Keji Road, Xian

xian-sunshine-international-hotel-3 Star_4   Tel:86-29-85768888

Address: No.177 Jiefang Road, Xi'an

xian-hotel-1 Star_4   Tel:86-29-87666666

Address: No.58 North Section, Chang'an Road, Xi'an, China

ming-du-international-hotel-xian-1 Star_4   Tel:86-29-86598111

Address: No.140 Weiyang Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an

Bell-Tower-Hotel-Xian-outlook Star_5   Tel:86-29-87600000

Address:110 Nandajie, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
Zip Code:710001

Howard-Johnson-Ginwa-Plaza-Hotel-Xian-outlook Star_5   Tel:86-29-88181111

Address:18 West Section, Huancheng South Road
Zip Code:710068