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Beijing Train Ticket Booking

Booking Train Ticket

beijing-railway-station01Beijing Railway Station is located in an extremely central location, just next to Jianguomen, and is within the confines of the city's Second Ring Road. Trains enter and leave to the scenery of a former Beijing city gate at Dongbianmen. It has train departures for many cities connected to the rail network throughout China such as Harbin, Tianjin, Qingdao and Shanghai as well as a number of foreign destinations including Moscow, Pyongyang and Ulaan Bator.

Beijing West Railway Station is situated in western Beijing's Xuanwu District. It is one of the largest railway stations in Asia. It was expanded in 2000 and is now able to handle 300,000 passengers per day and also had a vast amount parking lots added. Trains departing from Beijing West leave for destinations to the West and South, except for coastal destinations, which are served by Beijing Railway Station. The well-known Jingjiu Railway, or Beijing-Kowloon Railway line, begins from this railway station. Since the opening of the Qingzang railway in 2006, it is possible to catch a direct train to Lhasa from this station.

Trains Departure from BEIJING : (2011-2012 Timetable & Fare)

* Highlights = most popular routes
(6 berth)
(4 berth)
Chengdu T7 16:56/17:59+1 N/A US$120 US$150 N/A
Chongqing T9 15:42/15:58+1 N/A US$120 US$150 N/A
Datong K613 10:14/16:28 N/A N/A US$80 N/A
Datong K615 14:57/20:50 N/A N/A US$80 N/A
Guangzhou T15 11:00/07:31+1 N/A US$130 US$170 N/A
Guangzhou T12/T13 13:36/11:01+1 N/A US$130 US$170 N/A
Guangzhou T97 12:00/10:13+1 N/A US$130 US$170 US$250
Guilin T5 16:15/14:42+1 N/A US$120 US$170 N/A
Guilin K157 19:10/23:13+1 N/A US$120 US$170 N/A
Hong Kong T97 12:00/13:05+1 N/A US$160 US$230 US$280
Hangzhou Z9 19:26/08:17+1 N/A N/A US$130 N/A
Hanoi (Vietnam) T5
(Thu & Sun)
N/A N/A US$280 N/A
Kunming T61 16:50/07:11+1 N/A US$120 US$170 N/A
Lanzhou T75 18:28/13:51+1 N/A US$110 US$150 N/A
Lhasa * T27 21:30/20:00+2 N/A US$260 US$340 N/A
Luoyang 1363 21:48/07:24+1 N/A US$60 US$90 N/A
Moscow K3
(depart Wed)
07:45/14:30+5 N/A US$560 US$740 US$940
Moscow K19
(depart Sat)
22:56/18:30+6 N/A US$600 N/A US$960
Nanjing T65 22:10/08:45+1 N/A US$90 US$110 N/A
Nanjing Z49 21:42/06:54+1 N/A US$90 US$110 US$180
Shanghai T103 20:20/09:20+1 N/A US$100 US$130 US$210
Shanghai Z21 19:32/07:00+1 N/A US$100 US$130 US$210
Shanghai D31 10:50/20:49 US$120 N/A N/A N/A
Ulan Bator K23/K3
(Wed & Sat)
07:40/13:15+1 N/A US$250 US$320 US$400
Urumqi T69 20:20/19:59+2 N/A US$170 US$250 N/A
Z37 21:00/06:55+1 N/A US$90 US$130 N/A
Z11 21:06/07:01+1 N/A US$90 US$130 N/A
Xian T41 19:03/06:44+1 N/A US$90 US$130 N/A
Xian T55 17:11/06:09+1 N/A US$90 US$130 N/A
Xian Z19 21:24/08:25+1 N/A US$90 US$130 US$180
Yichang K49 14:08/10:33+1 N/A US$90 US$130 N/A
Zhengzhou T151 14:20/21:10 N/A US$60 US$80 N/A
Zhengzhou K179 22:38/07:06 N/A US$60 US$80 N/A

* Beijing to Lhasa - you MUST present a valid Tibet travel permit onboard the train. To obtain this permit, you will have to arrange a tour/hotel in Lhasa through an accredited travel agency like us.


* Highlights = popular routes
+1 = arrive the next day (i.e. 1 night onboard) ; +2 = arrive the third day (i.e. 2 nights onboard)
Hard Sleeper = 6 berth per compartment ; Soft Sleeper = 4 per per compartment ;
Deluxe Soft Sleeper = 2 berth per compartment (the deluxe soft sleeper between Beijing & Shanghai equipped with private washroom)
Certain trains do not have deluxe soft sleeper, if you wish to have a private compartment on your own, simply book all 4 tickets in the compartment.

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