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Suzhou Hotels Booking

suzhou-hotelsA famous saying goes," In heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou and Hangzhou." Suzhou is probably Jiangsu's most famous attraction, known for its canals and gardens. The gardens are looked upon as works of art-a blend of nature, architecture, poetry, and painting designed to ease, move, or assist the mind. offers a extensive range of Suzhou hotels by 2 to 5 star hotel's level with discounted prices, which can be booked during your stay in Suzhou.

Best Suzhou Hotels Option

gloria-plaza-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-65218855

Address: 535 Gan Jiang East Road, Suzhou

taihu-golf-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-66217777

Address: 2 Shuli Road, Taihu Lake National Touris and Resort Region,Suzhou

youngor-central-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-65159998

Address:No. 63 Gongxiang Guanqian Street Suzhou

suzhou-garden-view-hotel-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-67778888

Address: NO.66 LuoGuaqiao lindun road,Suzhou

holiday-inn-youlian-suzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-68118888

Address:99 East Jiefang Road, Canglang District, Suzhou.

golden-horse-fashion-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-512-66055988

Address: No.145 Donghu North Road, Wuzhong District,Suzhou

suzhou-overseas-chinese-hotel-1 Star_3   Tel:86-512-88880008

Address:No. 118 Sanxiang Road, Suzhou

metropolis-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_3   Tel:86-512-

Address: No.186 Guan Qian Street, Pingjiang District, Suzhou

royal-garden-inn-suzhou-2 Star_3   Tel:86-512-

Address:33 Tongguiqiao,Shantang St.Suzhou

lake-view-garden-hotel-suzhou-1 Star_3   Tel:86-512-

Address:Yangchenghu Avenue, Qianshuiwan 1-4,Suzhou

Bamboo-Grove-Hotel-Suzhou-outlook Star_5   Tel:86-512-65205601

Address:No. 168, Zhuhui Road Suzhou
Zip Code:215006