Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Shanghai Xintiandi (Shanghai New World)

shanghai-new-world The Shanghai Xintiandi, means the new world, is a creation born out of the sprawl of Shikumen residential blocks into a multifunctional business and entertainment center; it is now awash in trendy restaurants, elegant boutiques, fine café-bars and smart shops.

Just like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower or the Mag-lev train, Xintiandi is a landmark attraction for its nightlife, wines, cuisines, and bands intermingled with western and eastern flavors in this metropolitan city.

shanghai-new-world01Xintiandi is known for its graceful style, exquisite fashion and, most importantly, the history and culture. People like Xintiandi for the international cuisines, the eclectic offerings among shops and boutiques, the endless first-rate service, and the sublime beauty attached to every modern and historical detail of the compound.

Xintiandi has created a lifestyle favored by visitors because it is a place where “yesterday meets tomorrow and east meets west.” Local Shanghainese like Xintiandi because it arouses a nostalgic mood, with the gray-brick Shikumen façade and the stone gate, which used to be the architectural symbol of Shanghai.

It is divided into the North and South Blocks. In the South Block, modern architecture is the motif while Shikumen is an accompaniment. In the north, preserved Shikumen sets a nostalgic tone, forming a splendid contrast with the modernity to the south.

Modern amenities are available everywhere in Xintiandi, such as automatic escalators, central air-conditioning, and broadband Internet access.

Today, Shanghai Xintiandi has undoubtedly become the icon of this fashionable metropolis and is a “must” for visitors from home and overseas who long to sample this glorious city’s past and its dramatic metamorphosis into a land booming with international promises