Monday, February 17, 2020
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Jinmao Tower

jinmao-tower Jinmao Tower, situated at the heart of Lujiazui Area in Pudong, stands out prominently amid high-rise building. The 420.5m-high tower, the highest building in China, features a beautiful integrity of traditional and modern architecture.

The Jinmao Tower blends office, hotel, restaurant, convention, sightseeing, entertainment and shopping into a wealth of features. There are two high-speed elevators leading to the height of 340 meters in the Jinmao Tower. The spacious elevators pick up tourists and move safely to the 88th-floor Observation Deck in 45 seconds.

jinmao-tower01Visitors can stand anywhere on the observation deck to enjoy the panoramic views in the vicinity of the Huangpu River on the Jinmao Tower. Its interior decoration is made in the application of modern technology unified with oriental culture. The deck walls are ingeniously inlaid with natural marbles, only 0.3cm thick for each piece, adding much beauty to the observatory.

Since its opening to the public, the observation deck attracts a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists every day. Many times, China's Party and state leaders, as well as heads of foreign countries, have made a tour.

Located between the 53rd floor and 87th floor, Grand Hyatt Shanghai offers fancy service facilities, including Chinese and Western restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. They are favorite haunts for friends and relatives to enjoy themselves to their heart's content. More interestingly, in the patio bar on the 56th floor, visitors leisurely drink coffee and, in the meantime, experience the Time and Space Tunnel fascination.