Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Wuzhizhou Island

wuzhizhou-island  For a romantic holiday, you cannot miss Wuzhizhou Island's blue water, boundless sands, far hills and white beaches...

wuzhizhou-island01The name Wuzhizhou Island comes from beautiful legend: Long ago, a fisherman met a lovely girl who was the daughter of the Dragon King.

The young people fell in love with each other, but the Dragon King became angry. The Dragon King put his daughter in a locked house, but the brave girl escaped to meet her sweetheart. The Dragon King used his magic to turn the lovers into two big stones on the island. Since then, Wuzhizhou Island has represented everlasting love.

A paradise within a paradise, Wuzhizhou Island is located in Haitang Bay, with a tropical climate, silver beaches, and lush, geen trees. When strong winds come in, great sea waves go up as high as 10 meters to the beat of a huge water drum, creating an aural and visual sensation. Wuzhizhou Island is not only the place for undersea sightseeing but also a place for with abundant resources of fresh water and vegetation.