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Shui Nan Village

shuinan-village Shui Nan Village is a cultural point of interest noted for the fact that Huang Daopo, a well-known innovator of weaving technology during the Yuan Dynasty, once lived and studied there.

Because Huandaopo made great contributions to the development of ancient textile technology in China, Shui Nan Village was recorded in history.

shuinan-village01Shui Nan Village is located in Yacheng Town in Hainan Island, near Sanya City. Being a famous ancient cultural village, it has both beautiful scenery and a rich human landscape.

Shui Nan Village is under the jurisdiction of Yacheng Town. It was influenced by different cultures for a long time. Combined with the local traditional culture of Lizu people, the Shui Nan Village is unique. With developed spinning and weaving technology, Shui Nan Village produces a great variety of textiles.

Because it is near the sea, the scenery of the village is also distinctive. It is located in the subtropical zone; it is warm even in the depth of winter. While it is snowing in the north of China, flowers are still blooming here. Verdant trees and lush bamboo surround the village. Flowers are blooming and fruits become ripe throughout the year. Betel and coconut are the local specialties.

You can fully enjoy the southern scenery and the charm of countryside in Shui Nan Village. You can totally forget the time, escape from the pressure of busy life and freely enjoy your holiday. Don’t forget to shop for textiles before leaving.