Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Sea Zoo

sea-zoo The Sea Zoo is only tourist and cultural attractions in purpose of exploring marine resources in Sanya.


The Sea Zoo is adjacent to The Remotest Corner of the Earth Resort. It is popular with performing dolphins and sea lions. Sea Zoo is featured of a sea aquarium, turtle pool, crocodile pond and performing birds.

Sea Zoo is situated in west of Sanya City. The aquatic park is set in a scenic area. It faces the South China Sea. Sea Zoo is surrounded on three sides by green hills. It has full Facilities, including a collection of over 1,000 aquatic animal displays, sea birds, shops and restaurants. On the beach, people can enjoy the sunshine and the comfortable waves. The top class service of spring health center impresses all visitors beautiful memories. Special fast food and tropical fruits Park make tourists enjoy the unique culture of cuisine in Sanya.