Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Li and Miao Village

li-miao-village01 Hainan Island is home to the Li and Miao tribes. Each of these tribes live in their own separate communities and maintain their ancient traditions and practices, living the simple life of their forefathers.

li-miao-villageLi and Miao are both indigenous tribes of China and their distinctive clothing and customs differentiate the tribes.

Li and Miao are two major minorities living on Hainan Island. Many representative cultural objects related to Li and Miao minorities were put together in this village to give people an understanding of their life style.

Best reached by means of a 40-km bus trip from Sanya, this settlement is the centre of Hainan's largest autonomous areas, home to the Li and Miao ethnic minority peoples, and an excellent place to purchase beautiful handicrafts.