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Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest

gan-shiling-tropical-forest Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest is situated in a nature protection area. It was established in August 1983.

The Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest is a government-designated plant preserve, and features a number of protected species of fauna and flora, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to hike in a rugged rainforest environment. Gan Shi Ling is ideal for naturalists and holidaymakers looking for an alternative to the area's beaches.

Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest lies to the northeast of Sanya. It features inviting natural parkland, rich in wildlife, tropical plants, and rare trees. The Tie Leng tree is one characteristic of Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest. The trees are 12-15 meters high. The stem of the tree is very straight.