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Dadonghai Tourist Resort

dadonghai-tourist-resort01 Dadonghai Beach is located is 3 kilometers from the urban district of Sanya City between the Rabbits Tails Mountain and the Deer Looking Backward Mountain.

dadonghai-tourist-resortDadonghai has a crescent-shaped beach, 2.3 kilometers long (about 1.4 miles), and clear blue sea, sunshine, white sand and green trees, creating a beautiful location.

Dadonghai is another bathing beach, located between two hills – Tuziwei and Luhuitou. One of the most popular tropical seaside holiday areas in Hainan Province, it is located 3 kilometers (about 1.9 miles) southeast of downtown Sanya.

The green leaves, sunlight, blue water and sandy beach contribute to the excellent tropical scenery. The famous beach is ideal for diving, beach sports, bathing and sunbathing. As it has everything to support a seaside tourist location, including a large shopping square on the shore, amusement companies and a famous dive company that can provide scuba diving, ship diving, seabed strolling, speed boat, motorboat, luxury yacht, sail boat, ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography, this location is renowned for water activities in Sanya and throughout China.