Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Butterfly Valley

butterfly-valley  Butterfly Valley is located near Longtan Lakes, near stunning Yalong Bay.

butterfly-valleyThe Butterfly Valley is a 1.5-ha garden of vibrant colors and feathery winged delights. On display are some of China's most rare and precious butterflies, including Peking Papilio, among many others.

Butterfly Valley is a heaven for backpackers all over the world. It attracts those seeking a break from the smoke and pollution to become a part of a simple and peaceful life style.

Butterfly Valley contains more than 360 species of rich vegetations and rare trees. Butterflies, such as camohors, wampees and dogbanes, inhabit large parts of them. Tourists can watch over 500 species of rare butterfly and insects. The splendor and rarity of the butterflies attract more and more visitors.