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China Tour Reviews and China Travel Feedbacks

Many of our satisfied customers have enjoyed the benefits of traveling as part of comprehensive and fully inclusive private tour and have continually returned with experiences that have far exceeded their expectations.

We are delighted to have been able to take part in making our customer's dreams a reality and turning their journey into memories. Below are some feedbacks and reviews from our valued clients who traveled China with us.

Beijing Tour Feedback by Sunil paremmal

quote leftDear Monica,
Thanks for your mail.
We had enjoyed really enjoyed our trip in China. Especially your services, even your tour guide also help us very much and in future we will suggest to our friends also the same.
Thanks and Regards
Sunil Paremmalquote right

Date of Posting: May 6, 2019
Posted By:Sunil Paremmal

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Great Wall Tour Feedback by Tony Banks

quote leftWere we satisfied with the tour? YES, VERY.
Good staff and very punctual, we have no complaints.
A suggestion though would be to give people the option to purchase the cable car tickets before the tour starts and to be able to pay for them by credit card.quote right

Date of Posting: May 1, 2019
Posted By:Tony Banks

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Great Wall Tour Feedback by Guillermo Brenes

quote leftHi Monica,
Following is my feedback -
1. Were you satisfied with the tour service?
Yes, I am satisfied with the service. Tour guide and driver were good.
I would specifically like to appreciate Emma Zhao. She is very professional in communication and provided me exact details of the tour that I was looking for. That helped me to take a decision to take go with TTC than other available tour operators in the market.
She is very communicative and always see to it that customer is directed appropriately without any confusion. TTC has a very bright future with ambassadors like Emma.
2. If not, what was wrong?
We missed one location - Tienanmen square in the itinerary due to military parade.
Thanks.quote right

Date of Posting: 28 April 2019
Posted By: Guillermo Brenes

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Great Wall Tour Review by SHOWKAT MUSTAFA SHOVON

quote leftMonica, it was a great tour ever in my life. I was wondering when I reached in Great Wall. Transportation ans hospitality service as so good. And your guide Mr Peter was a very nice man. Thanks for your service.quote right

Date of Posting: Apr 26, 2019

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Beijing tour feedback By Johanna Bethge from Germany

quote left  Thank you very much for the nice tours. Especially, the tour and the guide on the second (full) day were very outstanding. Sadly, I forogt her name, but I guess you could tell me her name? The ming tombs together with the great wall are a great part of china's history. The guide also told us a lot of information about this history, the different dynasties, and the things we could see by passing by, e.g. the olympic stadium, the new tower for olympic games 2022 and the old city gate and walls. I was very impressed about her knowledge and I learned I lot.It was a great day for me and the jade carving factory and the tea ceremony complete the program in a nice way. Both are things, where China is already very famous for and its interessting to learn how one can recognize real jade and how the traditional tea ceremony is done. The guide was always very friendly and helpful, I can only recommend to do this tour with her. Furthermore, she was also telling us new and non-obvious information, which made the tour much more interesting. Thank you very much for the great day.quote right

Date of Posting: Nov 29, 2018
Posted By: Johanna Bethge

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