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China Tour Reviews and China Travel Feedbacks

Many of our satisfied customers have enjoyed the benefits of traveling as part of comprehensive and fully inclusive private tour and have continually returned with experiences that have far exceeded their expectations.

We are delighted to have been able to take part in making our customer's dreams a reality and turning their journey into memories. Below are some feedbacks and reviews from our valued clients who traveled China with us.

Beijing Tour Feedback by Srimannarayana Grandhi

quote leftThanks Monica for the email.
The staff members were really helpful and the tour was organized very well.
The tour guide was courteous and helpful.
We have enjoyed the tour and thank you for your service.
Sriman.quote right

Date of Posting: Jul 13, 2019
Posted By:Srimannarayana Grandhi

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Beijing Tour Feedback by Nigel Stubley

quote leftHi

Our tour was very good. We were so pleased to be at the Great Wall at an early time because there was almost no-one else there. An hour later and it would have been full of people. This was the highlight for us of the day. An amazing experience. Truly wonderful.
The Jade Factory was very interesting, with a lovely lunch. I would have liked to have lunch with our guide to talk more about China, Beijing and the people. Our lady guide there was very nice. Very beautiful, kind, friendly and knowledgeable.
The Tea House was also interesting but I felt the lady giving the demonstration was trying too hard to sell tea and products. I said no to her several times and yet she persisted. We did buy some things, but she kept pushing to buy something else too.
The quick stop off at the Birds Nest stadium was a surprise and an inspired decision! Again, a fabulous building and great to see.
Finally, the Summer Palace. We walked the corridor and I had a lovely conversation with our guide. I would have liked perhaps a further 30 minutes there, but I understand time is tight in just a single day and besides, the Birds Nest was a modern surprise worth seeing.
Our guide was knowledgeable about the things he showed us, his English was very good (I heard others who were difficult to understand) and he was very patient. I would have liked to exchanged telephone numbers to WhatsApp with him to exchange information, but I don’t know if that would be allowed so I didn’t ask.
I would highly recommend tours with you and we hope to come back to China for a longer visit, so will certainly book again!
Thank you very much.


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Date of Posting: Jun 18, 2019
Posted By:Nigel Stubley

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Beijing Tour Feedback by Carolina Lisbeth Alvarez Narvaez

quote leftThe 2 days tour was excellent, I really enjoyed my days in Beijing with enough time to go to the highlights easily with a very nice English spoken tour guide so I highly recommend this tour.

Best regards

quote right

Date of Posting: Jun 7, 2019
Posted By:Carolina Lisbeth Alvarez Narvaez

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Beijing Tour Feedback by Yanxia Solo HUANG

quote leftDear Monica,

We have a really enjoyable trip in Beijing. All the staffs are so friendly, helpful and professional. We really appreciate all the hard work and efforts you team provided. I will leave feedback on your website when I settle down.
Once again,!thank you very much!????

quote right

Date of Posting: May 28, 2019
Posted By:Yanxia Solo HUANG

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Beijing Tour Feedback by Olayemi B. Anifowose

quote leftThank you, for making the trip and tour lovely.
The drivers and tour guides were fantastic.
Thank you.
Olayemiquote right

Date of Posting: May 20, 2019
Posted By:Olayemi B. Anifowose

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