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White Water River

white-water-river When the ancient ice at the top of Jade dragon Snow Mountain melts and flows down the slopes, it forms waterfalls at the cliffs and brooks at the fords, finally joining as the White Water River at the foot of the snow mountain.

The pebbles in the riverbed are all white marbles and limestone that have been rinsed and scoured by the water. As the limpid and clear river flows above them, it looks undefiled and sparkling. That is where the "White Water River" gets its name.

white-water-river01Five kilometers (three miles) away from the Dry Sea, White Water River is a scenic spot in Lijiang, Yunnan Province. By taking a ropeway, which starts from Spruce Plateau (Yunshan Plateau), down the mountain, you can have a bird's-eye view of the deep and serene river valley, with the river like a jade girdle around the flourishing vegetation. To reach the White Water River and have a closer look, several options are available. You can ride a horse or yak, or just take a walk from the Dry Sea (Ganhai). The natural views along the way will help you feel relaxed and rid you of fatigue from the trip. Upon reaching the White Water River, you can taste its pure, unpolluted water, allowing the cool sensation to wash away tension and inspire thoughts of the river's pristine source.

Continuing to walk eastward, you will find that the White Water River joins with another river nearby, which also originates from the melting snow of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. However, instead of having a white-stone riverbed, this river has countless black pebbles below the water, causing it to appear to flow black -- hence the name Black Water River. The Dongba lessons of the local Naxi people say that black and white make up all things in the world, and these two colors exist harmoniously and inseparably, keeping the world in order. The merger of the Black and White Water Rivers represents the spirit of the Naxi's belief, and the rivers occupy a very important place among Naxi people. Today, the Black and White Water River is a symbol of concordant love and fortunate future. White Water River is a placid and propitious river. It touches the heart with its gentle flow, and you will be captivated by its fascination and beauty.