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Spruce Plateau

spruce-plateau Spruce Plateau is a highland meadow situated on the mountainside of Shanzidou Peak (Fan Peak), the main peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

With an altitude of 3,100 meters, the meadow is surrounded by spruces and firs, forming an enchanting scene. Yaks, goats, and Lijiang horses herd in this meadow, adding much vitality. The meadow is so beautiful and serene that, for thousands of years, the Naxi people regarded it as the "Ideal Kingdom," an extremely saintly place. Lovers who wanted to be rid of the shackles of arranged marriage and seek their true love came here to sacrifice themselves.

spruce-plateau01Situated half way up the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, at an altitude of 3,100 metres (10,171 feet) is the famous land meadow called Spruce Plateau. The meadow covers an area of one square kilometer (240 acres) midway to Shanzidou Peak (Fan Peak), next to the Dry Sea.

As its name implies, Spruce Plateau is a pasture surround by a forest of gigantic and straight spruces and firs, just like a beautiful green skirt laced by the perfect chiffons. The verdurous grassland, exuberant spruce forest, holy snow mountain and the clean blue sky tier up and represent a majestic sight. Yaks, goats, and horses roam freely and play leisurely on the meadow. Ringdove, cuckoo, titmouse and many other unnamed birds fly and sing freely in the forest. The beauty of natural serenity and harmony are thoroughly demonstrated here.

Legends say that a long time ago, a couple of lovers named Kaimei and Yulepai committed suicide on Spruce Plateau because their love was not accepted by the common customs. After their death, their spirits entered a fantastic ideal world called the Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon and found their true free love. Everyone in that kingdom lived a happy and rich life without bondage, feudalistic crackdowns, or mundane annoyances. Local people believe that the Third Kingdom of Jade Dragon is a wonderland and sanctuary of lovers and that Spruce Plateau is the entrance of this ideal kingdom. Spruce Plateau is a large natural stage for the beautiful girls and handsome boys of the Naxi and Yi ethnic Minorities. Wearing colorful characteristic dresses and accoutrements, they are the most dazzling stars on this expansive grassland. You can sit there and enjoy the graceful dancing and fair-sounding singing, or take part in the frolicking crowds and be a member of them. Passionate and hospitable local people will make your journey a most warm and memorable one.