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Dry Sea

dry-sea01 Located on the east foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dry Sea - with an elevation of 3,100m - is a highland meadow about 23km from the old town.

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, Dry Sea used to be a highland lake. However, when the water dried up, a vast meadow formed, hence the name "Dry Sea". Extensive and tranquil, the meadow is about 5km long and 2km wide. Today, many ethnic group villages, resorts, parks, racetracks and golf courses have been built on Dry Sea, which has become an important tourist spot for Lijiang.

dry-seaDry Sea is a vast meadow with an altitude of 3,100 meters (10,171 feet). Just as its name implies, it had been a highland glacial lake before the 1940s and was formed after the water had dried up. Dry Sea is located at the east foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and is only 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) away from Lijiang Old Town.

Surrounded on all three sides by the superb mountains, Dry Sea is the closest, and also the best, place to get a panorama of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The 13 peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are covered by the undefiled white snow wriggle from the north to the south, like a white jade dragon flying and playing leisurely in the sapphire sky. The name of the highest peak, Shanzidou (Fan Peak) originates from its shape. From one angle of view, it looks like a gigantic unfolded fan cutting into the clouds.

On the heavily forested Dry Sea, spring is a busy season, for the meadow bursts into colorful blooms and is full of energy. In the sunny days of summer, fantastic green glittering glaciers can be seen clearly through the telescope. It is the flourishing plants all over the mountains that tinge the glaciers with the filmy green. When autumn comes, it brings a gentle breeze that kisses the meadow, turning the green leaves on the deciduous trees into bright yellow, orange, and scarlet. In winter, the pure snow covers this world, causing the meadow and the mountains to display a kind of holy beauty. Dry Sea is an abundant pasture; views of local herders, who intersperse their groups of grazing livestock (including cattle, goats, sheep and domesticated yaks), are plentiful.

Dry Sea is now a famous travel resort; many minority villages are built here and the establishments are self-contained. Tourists can take part in many kinds of activities by daylight, like skiing, grass sliding, gliding, and horseback riding, etc. When the moonlit night comes, visitors can enjoy the peace and harmony of the majestic snow mountains and the far-flung meadow or take part in the parties held by local people.