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Kunming Hotels Booking

kunming-hotelsKunming is known as the City of Eternal Spring, which gives it a very temperate climate. The air in Kunming is also quite clean compared to other Chinese cities. The population of the prefecture of Kunming is now close to 10 million and the city is expanding rapidly, with numerous highways and modern buildings. offers a extensive range of Kunming hotels by 2 to 5 star hotel's level with discounted prices, which can be booked during your stay in Kunming.

Best Kunming Hotels Option

kai-wah-plaza-international-kunming-1Star_5 Tel:86-871-3562828

Address: 157, Beijing Road, Kunming

grand-park-kunming-2Star_5 Tel:86-871-5386688

Address:20, Honghua Bridge, Kunming

expo-garden-hotel-yunnan-1Star_4 Tel:86-0871-5012666

Address:NO.5 Expo Road, Kunming, Yunnan

golden-dragon-hotel-kunming-1Star_4 Tel:86-871-3133015

Address: 165, Beijing Road, Kunming

sakura-hotel-kunming-1Star_4 Tel:86-871-3165888

Address: 29 Dong Feng East Road, Kunming,

kunming-hotel-1Star_4 Tel:86-871-3162063

Address: No. 52 Dong Feng Dong Road, Kunming

golden-spring-hotel-kunming-1Star_4 Tel:86-871-3196888

Address: No.93 Renmin East Road, Panlong District, Kunming

bank-hotel-yunnan-1Star_5 Tel:86-871-3158888

Address: 399 Youth Road Kunming

kunming-enjoying-international-hotel-1Star_4 Tel:86-871-3562999

Address: YongSheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming

king-world-hotel-kunming-1Star_4 Tel:86-755-871-3138888

Address: No. 98 Beijing Road, Kunming


Address: 1 Dongfeng West Road, Kunming
Zip Code:650021