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China Hotels

TourTravelChina.com provides China hotels reservation service by working with hundreds of local travel agencies in each city of China. Therefore, our customer would benifit it from great discount deals same as Chinese group travelers at almost 7,000 hotels in almost 400 cities across China. Our accommodations range from 5-star luxury hotels to inexpensive yet comfortable hostels. We pride ourselves in being one of the English speaking tour & hotel reservation providers in China. Whether you're a luxury, business, or leisure traveler, we promise to save you time and money on your trip to China

Beijing Hotelsmore
beijing-hotelsThe Regent BeijingFrom: USD190
Prime Hotel, BeijingFrom: USD143
Beijing Tianlun Dynasty HotelFrom: USD159
Crowne Plaza Hotel BeijingFrom: USD145 
Beijing Lee Garden Service ApartmentFrom: USD135
Shanghai Hotelsmore
shanghai-hotelsNew Century Hotel, ShanghaiFrom: USD79
Hyatt on the Bund Hotel, ShanghaiFrom: USD200
Sunrise On The Bund ShanghaiFrom: USD112
Astor House Hotel, ShanghaiFrom: USD90
Hengsheng Peninsula International Hotel ShanghaiFrom: USD65
Guangzhou Hotelsmore
guangzhou-hotelsHoliday Inn City Center, GuangzhouFrom: USD111
The Landmark International Hotel GuangzhouFrom: USD74
New World Hotel GuangzhouFrom: USD38 
Ramada Pearl Hotel, GuangzhouFrom: USD101
Riverside Hotel, GuangzhouFrom: USD84 
Shenzhen Hotelsmore
shenzhen-hotelsShenzhen Gold HotelFrom: USD63
Hotel Kapok, ShenzhenFrom: USD137 
Days Inn ShenzhenFrom: USD69
Holiday Inn Express Luohu, ShenzhenFrom: USD71
Shenzhen Holiday Villa HotelFrom: USD55
Xian Hotelsmore
xian-hotelsMing Du International Hotel, XianFrom: USD51
Xian Sunshine International HotelFrom: USD55
Canaan International Hotel XianFrom: USD33
XiAn City HotelFrom: USD40
Xian Dynasty HotelFrom: USD46
Guilin Hotelsmore
guilin-hotelsLijiang Waterfall Hotel, GuilinFrom: USD105
Guilin Bravo HotelFrom: USD79
Guilin Royal Garden HotelFrom: USD71 
Guilin Osmanthus HotelFrom: USD41
Guilin Eva InnFrom: USD44
Chengdu Hotelsmore
chengdu-hotelsTianfu Sunshine Hotel, ChengduFrom: USD79 
Xinliang Hotel, ChengduFrom: USD63 
Prime Hotel, ChengduFrom: USD38
Shudu Mansion Hotel, ChengduFrom: USD36
Minshan Hotel, ChengduFrom: USD90
Kunming Hotelsmore
kunming-hotelsKai Wah Plaza International KunmingFrom: USD92 
Golden Dragon Hotel KunmingFrom: USD58
Sakura Hotel, KunmingFrom: USD55
Golden Spring Hotel KunmingFrom: USD54 
Bank Hotel, YunnanFrom: USD74 
Hangzhou Hotelsmore
hangzhou-hotelsLiuying Hotel, HangzhouFrom: USD73
Ramada Plaza Haihua Hotel, HangzhouFrom: USD101
Tea Boutique Hotel´╝îHangzhouFrom: USD121
Merchant Marco Hotel HangzhouFrom: USD76
Zhejiang Hotel, HangzhouFrom: USD88
Suzhou Hotelsmore
suzhou-hotelsGloria Plaza Hotel, SuzhouFrom: USD58
Suzhou Garden View hotelFrom: USD81
Suzhou Overseas Chinese HotelFrom: USD52
Royal Garden Inn SuzhouFrom: USD38
Youngor Central Hotel, SuzhouFrom: USD73

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