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Hangzhou Hotels Booking

hangzhou-hotelsWhile Marco Polo got to Hangzhou in the thirteenth century, he announced it to be "the most beautiful and elegant city in the world". There's a common saying: "Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou." Hangzhou's "heavenly" beauty appeals thousands of travelers to its elegant West Lake (Xi Hu) area every year to enjoy the placid lake, aesthetic gardens, reflecting pools, lavish temples and lakeside teahouses. offers a extensive range of Hangzhou hotels by 2 to 5 star hotel's level with discounted prices, which can be booked during your stay in Hangzhou.

Best Hangzhou Hotels Option

joy-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-86666888

Address: No. 9 Huanglong Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou

zhejiang-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87180808

Address: No.278 Santaishan Road , Hangzhou

merchant-marco-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87018888

Address: No. 38 Pinghai Road,Hangzhou

hangzhou-sunny-hotel-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-

Address: No. 88 Jiefang Road, Hangzhou

huachen-international-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87652222

Address: NO.27 Pinghai Road, Hangzhou

tea-boutique-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87999888

Address: NO 124,Shuguang Road,Hangzhou

courtyard-by-marriott-hangzhou-wulin-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-89817777

Address: NO 28 Hushu South Road, Gongshu District,Hangzhou

ramada-plaza-haihua-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87215888

Address: 298 Qing Chun Road, Hangzhou

liuying-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-87075385

Address: 6 Hexia, Qingbo Bridge, Nanshan Road,Hangzhou

culture-plaza-hotel-hangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-571-88825888

Address: No. 38 Wen Er Road, Hangzhou

Lake-View-Hotel-Hangzhou-outlook Star_5   Tel:86-571-87078888

Address:No. 2 Huancheng Xi Road, Hangzhou(杭州市环城西路2号)
Zip Code:310006