Wednesday, June 03, 2020
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Guilin Reed Flute Cave

reed-flute-cave01 It is certain that The Reed Flute Cave, with its many stalactites, stalagmites, and unusual rock formations is a must-see attraction in China.

reed-flute-caveThis large, underground complex of grottos, unique rock and stone formations, and multi-color lighting contains some of the most extraordinary scenery offered by Guilin. The Crystal Palace of the Dragon King and the Old Scholar stone are just some of the famous attractions contained within the caves. It is situated at Guangming Hill in the northwestern suburbs of the city.

Guilin Reed Flute Cave is about 240 meters long and a trip lasts roughly one hour. Alongside the u-shaped route, visitors can see oddly shaped rocks and stone pillars as your guide shares interesting stories about them. Illuminated by colored lights, the cave looks like a dazzling palace, which is the reason that the cave is otherwise known as the Art Palace of the Nature.

Inside the cave, there are more than 70 ink inscriptions, dating back to 792 AD, written during the Tang Dynasty, over one thousand years ago. These aged marks indicate that it was an attraction even in ancient times.

Since the cave opened to the public in 1962, millions of tourists have visited it. Now the cave is one of the main tourist attractions in the area, just second to the famous Li River.