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Guangzhou Hotels Booking

guangzhou-hotelsGuangzhou is acknowledged historically as Canton or Kwangchow, which is the capital as well as the largest city of the Guangdong province in the China. Situated in south China on the Pearl River, approximately one hundred twenty kilometer (75 mile) north-northwest from Hong Kong, Guangzhou is a important national transportation hub and distributing port. Guangzhou is ne of the five National Central Cities, it holds sub-provincial administrative status. offers a extensive range of Guangzhou hotels by 2 to 5 star hotel's level with discounted prices, which can be booked during your stay in Guangzhou.

Best Guangzhou Hotels Option

hotel canton Star_4   Tel:86-20-83189888

Address: No. 374, Beijing Road, Guangzhou

Ocean Hotel Guangzhou Star_4   Tel:86-20-

Address: No. 412 Huan Shi Dong Lu, Dongshan District, Guangzhou

guangdong-victory-hotel Star_4   Tel:86-20-

Address: No. 53 North Shamian Street, Guangzhou

riverside-hotel-guangzhou Star_4   Tel:86-20-

Address: No. 298 Yan Jiang Zhong Road, Dongshan District

ramada-pearl-hotel-guangzhou-1 Star_4   Tel:86-20-

Address: 9 Ming Yue Yi Road-Dongshan District Guangzhou

golden-bridge-hotel-guangzhou Star_4   Tel:86-20-40382200

Address: 93 Siyouxinma Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

guangzhou-hotel Star_3   Tel:86-20-

Address:No. 2 Qiyi Road, Guangzhou,

lido-hotel-guangzhou Star_3   Tel:86-20-

Address: No. 182, Beijing Road, Guangzhou

fu-hao-hotel-guangzhou-1 Star_3   Tel:86-20-

Address: 27-33, Cangbian Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

new-world-hotel-guangzhou-1 Star_3   Tel:86-20-

Address: No. 520 Renmin Road North, Guangzhou

the-landmark-international-hotel-guangzhou-1 Star_5   Tel:86-020-86578034

Address:28 39-49 Lin Le Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

holiday-inn-city-center-guangzhou-2 Star_5   Tel:86-20-8138 0088

Address:28 Guangming Road, Overseas Chinese Village, East Huanshi Road, Yue Xiu Distrcit, Guangzhou

yihe-hotel-guangzhou-2 Star_4   Tel:86-20-83969888

Address:No. 416 Huanshi Dong Lu, Dongshan District, Guangzhou

outlook-of-Baiyun-Hotel-Guangzhou Star_5   Tel:86-20-83333998

Address:No. 367 East Huanshi Road, Yuexiu District, Guanghou
Zip Code:510065