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China City Tours

Luckily, it has never been such easier to travel to China and check for yourself how this ancient ground - well-known in the annals among history for its sages and beautiful poets, modest farmers and mighty emperors, prosperous dynasties as well as historic period of upheaval and rebellion - is transforming itself into a New nation squarely in the middle of 21st century global involvements. And China's citizen are enthusiastic to welcome you and share their pridefulness in both the ancient customs and the modern accomplishments that cause nowadays China among the most talked-about and fascinating location on earth.


Beijing Tours

As China's one of the six ancient capital cities, Beijing has its abundant history, elegant architecture, as well as a varied and colorful culture. Exploring the one of the world wonders – the Great Wall, stretching almost 4,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the sands of Central Asia. Experiencing the different life styles, living habits of local Beijing residents by riding a rickshaw through aged Hutong alley...



Shanghai Tours

Shanghai is a tourist destination in China, renowned for its historical landmarks such as the Bund and City God Temple, its modern and ever-expanding Pudong skyline including the Oriental Pearl Tower, and its new reputation as a cosmopolitan center of culture and design. Today, Shanghai is the largest center of commerce and finance in mainland China, and has been described as the "showpiece" of the world's fastest-growing major economy.



Xian Tours

Xian, also named Chang'an in ancient times, is an eternal city, recording the great changes of the Chinese nation just like a living history book. Xian is regarded as one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River Basin area of China. In the history of 3,100 years, Xian was the capital cities of 13 dynasties such as Western Zhou (11th century BC - 771 BC), Qin (221 BC - 206 BC), Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD).



Guilin Tours

There is by no means necessary to make additional recommendation to Guilin of China - the attractions in Guilin speak for themselves. Asked which of China's natural scenery is the best to visit, a vast majority of mainlander's are sure to point to the beautiful karst scenery of the Guilin area, as the ancient Chinese saying goes: Guilin's attractions top China.

 triangle-3 More China City Tours

arrow txt Lhasa Tours

lhasa-toursLocated at 3650 meters above sea level, Lhasa, the capital of China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has a history of more than 1,300 years.   

arrow txt Chengdu Tours

chengdu-toursChengdu has a rich historical and cultural heritage. You will be captivated by its natural beauty and historic sites like Mt. Leshan and Emei as well as Jiuzhaigou...

arrow txt Guangzhou Tours

guangzhou-toursAlso known as Canton, is the communication hub as well as the largest trade port in South China. It is one of China's most prosperous cities.

arrow txt Huangshan Tours

huangshan-toursThe city of Huangshan, China, is known for its famous Mountain Huangshan. It is featured because of its natural beauty and landscapes.

arrow txt Kunming Tours

kunming-toursKunming city is known for the "City of Eternal Spring." The Stone Forest in Kunming is one of the world heritage sites.

arrow txt Hangzhou Tour

hangzhou-toursHangzhou city, with its charming West Lake, considered as "the heaven on the earth", has many natural beauty and cultural heritage to see.  

arrow txt Suzhou Tours

suzhou-toursSuzhou featured as its beautiful landscapes and elegant gardens. Regarded as the 'The City of Gardens', you will have much to explore.  

arrow txt Luoyang Tour

luoyang-toursLuoyang once was the capital city of 13 dynasties in China history. Thus, it has plenty of historic site to visit.


Traveler Reviews


Olayemi A


The two day tour was all i needed. And they made it perfect. From the Badaling Great Wall, Changling Ming Tombs, Jade Factory and Tea Ceremony place to Forbidden City, and Summer Palace and Pearl Factory, it was wonderful.



I booked this tour last minute and did not regret it! The cost was minimal compared to the fun I had! First we toured the Forbidden City and our guide, Leo, was wonderful! He shared great knowledge and gave us time to explore on our own. Next we went to the Jade factory and was given a short tour followed by lunch there. The dining experience was wonderful and delicious. We then headed to the Great Wall and it was amazing! Although our time there was limited to two hours, it was just almost perfect. We ended the day with a tea sampling and shopping. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect first tour of China.

Colette K


On our recent trip we visited :
1) Badaling Great Wall and the Ming Tombs with Linda
2) Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace with Jackson
3) Zhujiajao Water Town with Jason
We were well looked after and driven everywhere as part of a small bus group and met some lovely people. The local Chinese lunches were particularly nice.



We had a 2-day tour with Tour Travel China.
The first day includes Badaling Great Wall and Changling Ming Tombs with visits to the Jade Factory and Tea Ceremony place.
The second day includes Tian An Men + Forbidden City, Tian Tan, and Summer Palace with visits to the Pearl Factory and Bao Shu Tang where we got a nice foot massage for only 20 Kuai. 
The itinerary and tour service, especially the first day with David were absolutely amazing! He is a great tour guide, with excellent command in English as well as a nice personality.
The second day with Paul was a little bit too fast for our liking. He spoke too fast and a little bit unclear, and seem like almost too in rush for anything so I think that could be improved in the future. The meal in our second day was amazing though! Delicious!
Thank you to you and all TTC team for helping our trip in Beijing much easier!



Enjoyed a hiking day trip with Tour Travel China to the Great Wall at Jinshangling. This is a further away section but much quieter and definitely worth the extra travel. I visited Mitanyu previously which was very busy.
Two hikes were available 7km and 13km. I took the 7km which was still quite challenging. Spent 2.5 hours on the wall. It’s an amazing experience.
After hiking we had a late lunch at a local restaurant and then headed back to Beijing.
There is no shopping, although there are a few hawkers on the wall.
Make sure you take lots of water and sunscreen with you as it can get quite hot in Summer.
The tour guide and driver were excellent and can recommend this trip.
The travel time is quite long so bring a tablet and headphones to keep you entertained



We had a great 3-day tour. Most of it was a walking tour that required stamina. The cost was a good deal that included 3 lunch meals.
The tour guides Yoyo, Irish and Vik were very knowledgable about their history. Their English was good, but at times could not understand their accent. 
The Lunch for the 3 days were good but on the 2nd and 3rd day, we were brought to the same restaurant. The service in the Great wall restaurant was good. Food was prepared on the table when we arrived. Unlike in the 2nd restaurant, food was served one at a time, hence time-consuming.
The mandatory stops, total of 5 in 3days: Jade factory, Tea factory, Pearl factory, Silk factory, Foot massage were informative but the time spent there could have been added for picture-taking in the tourist places.
The 24-hour hotline was veey helpful for queries.
Overall, Tour travel China met our travel expectations.