Beijing Layover Tours

Do you have a long layover in Beijing?  Why stay sitting on the cold chairs at the airport probably just browsing the internet about Beijing, playing video games or watching a movie when you can actually spend your time visiting the most beautiful sites of Beijing in this short time.

Beijing is now offering 144 hour visa-free entry policy (53 nationalities) ! 24 hour visa-free entry policy for all nationalities !

Take the best chance to know and visit the most famous, historical and cultural sites in Beijing, such as the Tiananmen square (the most important square in the whole China), the Forbidden city (ancient home of emperors) and Mutianyu Great Wall (one of the new 7 wonders of the world) and more......

Our professional tour guide and driver will pick you up at the airport, we will take you for a quick Beijing tour and get you back on time for your next flight. booking this layover tour can be a memorable part of your trip!

forbidden city 19

Important Notice:

1. If you are going to visit Beijing during your short layover, you are kindly reminded that you should give yourself a reasonable amount of time to exit the airport and go through customs, which usually take you more than an hour. You also figure out the enough time to return to the airport and go through security again. You still get back 2-3 hours prior to the departing flight;
2. After landing, follow (Baggage Claim ) then walk to immigration until you see China Inspection and Quarantine, go to the 144 HourVisa Free Transit Lane : show the officer Arrival Card, Pasport , Onward flight ticket . You will get transit entry permit on your passport;
3. Never go to International Transfer Counter, you will never come out, it means you are ready to fly again;
4. Then take the escalator to the train , take the train, get off at T3C;
5. Then follow the sign Baggage Claim and pass by Baggage Claim;
6. Go Through Customs , Come out;