Beijing Car Rental Service

For first time traveler to visit Beijing, they always get confused and anxious about the Beijing traffic.  Please put all your concerns aside, and just book a car rental service in Beijing with us.  Our experienced driver will take you anywhere in Beijing.

The reason why you hire a car in Beijing:

  • Beijing city is largely spread out, it is no easy travel here and there if you are not familiar with the Beijing map.
  • Beijing has a population of more than 20 million, if choose pubic transport like bus or subway, it would be very crowded and you would be exhausted before to get to the destination.
  • There are less than 70,000 legal taxi cabs in Beijing.  Due to its large population in Beijing, it is difficult to get a taxi all the time, it is a waste of time.  Some of the taxi are illegal, they often don't do meters and overcharge the passengers.

In order to save your valued time and hassle free for your Beijing trip, just hire a vehicle in Beijing.  We have different car types for your choice.  All of the vehicles are in good condition and issued. With our easy-going and polite driver, you Beijing trip would be free and leisure.