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Beijing Car Hire With Driver

beijing car hire service with driverService Route: Beijing Downtown, Great Wall, or under request
Car Type: Red Flag, Jinbei Mini Van, Mercedes MB100, Toyota Coster, King Long Bus...
Duration: 8 hours
Price from: USD85/Car/Day

No matter if you visit Beijing for holiday or business, you can easily relax in our most comfortable Beijing car hire service. You are free to enjoy the scenery of Beijing, or you can rest between transport to destinations. Get away from the complicated traffic and leave us to handle.beijing-car-rental-with-driver

There's an professional team of car drivers who has driven securely more than 10 years; they are real specialists on Beijing's complex transportation system. Additionally, they are educated to be polite and careful, you can rely on these people for any kind of transport concerns in Beijing. All the cars we used are licensed, clean and with good condition.

Our customer service team speaks fluent English, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The air-conditioned car and experienced driver are at your disposal, and always just steps away waiting for you. You can rent our cars with drivers half-day (4 hours) or one day (8 hours) . The destination can be general place of interests in Beijing or other specific destinations as you like.

Additionally, we offer private English-speaking guide service, who will give you better understanding of China history and culture.


Beijing Car Rental Service Price (Per Car Per Day):
Vehicle TypeRed FlagMercedes MB100Toyota CosterKing Long Bus
Seats4 seats11 Seats15 Seats35 - 45 Seats
Beijing DowntownUS$85US$125US$180US$230
Badaling Great WallUS$95US$150US$200US$320
Mutianyu Great WallUS$115US$160US$250US$350
Jinshaling Great Wall US$145US$198US$300US$410

Beijing Car Rental Service Booking Note:

  • Please inform us your destination, your hotel, and car rental date;
  • The driver will show up at the hotel lobby as per confirmed time;
  • The working hour is 8 hours, overtime will involve some additional charge;
  • If you have would like to visit other places not mentioned, please inform us;
Beijing Tour Guide Service Cost (Per Guide Per Day) :
 1-5 Travelers6-9 TravelersAbove 10 Traveler
English Speaking Tour GuideUS$67(CNY400)US$83(CNY500)US$83(CNY500)
French Speaking Tour GuideUS$100(CNY600)US$133(CNY800)US$133(CNY800)
German Speaking Tour GuideUS$100(CNY600)US$133(CNY800)US$133(CNY800)
Spanish Speaking Tour GuideUS$100(CNY600)US$133(CNY800)US$133(CNY800)
Italian Speaking Tour GuideUS$100(CNY600)US$133(CNY800)US$133(CNY800)

Tour Guide Service Note:

  • The Tour Guide works 8 hours a day from 9:00am to 5:00pm;
  • Overtime will involve charge of CNY50 per hour;
  • The price exclude tips to the guide, which is CNY80 to CNY100 per day. Not compulsory!
Beijing Car Rental + Tour Guide Service (20% OFF):good
Vehicle TypeRed FlagMercedes MB100Toyota CosterKing Long Bus
Seats4 seats11 Seats15 Seats35 - 45 Seats
Beijing Downtown with English-Speaking Tour Guide ( 8 hours) $85+$67=$152
$122 (20% off)
$166 (20% off)
$210 (20% off)
$250 (20% off)
Badaling Great Wall with English-Speaking Tour Guide$95+$67=$162
$130 (20% off)
$186 (20% off)
$226 (20% off)
$322 (20% off)
Mutianyu Great Wall with English-Speaking Tour Guide$115+$67=$182
$146 (20% off)
$194 (20% off)
$266 (20% off)
$346 (20% off)
Jinshaling Great Wall with English-Speaking Tour Guide$140+$67=$207
$166 (20% off)
$225(20% off)
$306 (20% off)
$395 (20% off)


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Beijing Car Hire Service Booking Note:

1. For Car Rental Service to Great Wall:

  • Service time is 8 hours a day, overtime charge is US$20 to US$50 per hour.
  • If you would like to go to other tourist sites besides Great Wall, please contact us for new quotation.

2. For Beijing Tour Guide Service:
Since most driver in China doesn't speak English, in order to have a smooth communication, you are suggested to have a tour guide.

3. Vehicles Condition:
We use the air-conditioned and well-shaped vehicles. All the vehicles are licensed with insurance. All vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning; can carry standard luggage; are always clean, tidy and odour-and damage-free; are not refuelled during the transfer; are parked within a distance of not more than 100 metres from the collection point.

  • For 1-2 Travelers: We use car(4 seats);
  • For 3-5 Travelers: We use van(7-9 seats);
  • For 6-16 Travelers: We use mini bus(22 seats);
  • For 16-25 Travelers: We use middle bus(33 seats);
  • For 26-45 Travelers: We use big coach (51 seats);

4. Drivers Service Level:
All the drivers have the official licenses with at least over 3 years' driving experience. All drivers select the most dynamic route, observe local traffic regulations; are properly dressed; are familiar with the region; refrain from smoking,eating and drinking in the passengers presence.

5: Tips to The Tour Guide or Driver:
Tips is not compulsory, but it is expected once you are satisfied with the service.

  • Tour Guide: US$15 - US$20 per day;
  • Driver: US$10 - US$15 per day;